Black Friday Shopping

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This time of year, I like to use sales from various shops to stock up on sewing essentials. I don't know what the sales will look like with this crazy year that we have had, but I thought I'd share some of the things that I have stocked up on in the past.

I will be having a sale in my shop which will start on Thursday and go through Monday. If you are an email subscriber, you will get early access to the sale on Wednesday. 

  • Batting. As you can imagine, I go through a TON OF BATTING. Usually 3 rolls per year. I generally buy Warm & Natural, Warm & White, or Pellon - Joann's sometimes has a great sale, but I have even purchased these from, Amazon, or Walmart so it's good to check around (also, make sure the the items you are comparing are the same size - not all batting rolls are the same). 
  • Thread. Almost every year, I stock up on thread at the Fat Quarter Shop. They had a sale a few weeks ago and I bought a few cones of thread, but I will likely buy 1 or 2 more since the Dove Gray color (it's Aurifil 2600, my favorite) was sold out. 
  • Stripology XL ruler. I don't know if there will be on sale anywhere, but I'm planning on getting this for myself for Christmas. I was pretty reluctant when I first got a regular Stripology ruler because it is expensive and big, but I will admit that I actually love it. The regular ruler isn't wide enough to effectively cut WOF strips, but the XL is - I think I need it. 
  • Backing fabric. I had been working through my stash of backing fabrics to try to make room in my sewing room, but now my stash of backing options is kind of sad and it needs to be bulked up. I don't know where I will be buying, but here are the shops that I will be checking out.

That's about it - I like to keep things pretty simple over here. What are you shopping for this year? Do you have any great shops that I should check out?


  1. Thank you for the list of shops you like, a couple were new to me and I'll definitely check them out! I also like to shop at - especially on Saturdays because that is when they sometimes offer a discount code. Also, free shipping over $60, so that is a big help. Plus, Renee is super nice and packages items with great care as well as gets them to the post office with lightening speed. I really appreciate the extra efforts that a small shop makes so I try very hard to shop small.

    1. I agree - those little touches make a big difference and are one of the many great reasons to shop small. I will check them out, thank you for the recommendation!

  2. I plan on shopping at SewBatik. ( Their fabric is as lovely as they are. It is ran by an adorable couple, Diane and Bruce. I believe their 115" fabric is on sale this holiday weekend.


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