2020 in Review (part 2)

Here is part 2 - documenting the quilts that I made and the patterns that I released in 2020. Since not all of the quilts that I have made this year have been photographed, I will list the last few quilts at the bottom and then add photos and link to blog posts as they become available. I am still catching up after this crazy year!The Kelly Quilt in Rainbow - Kitchen Table Quilting


New Pattern - The Iris Quilt

Iris Cover

Finished Quilts

An Ella Quilt form my Stash

An Ella Quilt from the Stash - Kitchen Table Quilting

The Hazel Quilt in Warp and Weft

The Hazel Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting


New (Updated) Pattern - The Eliza Quilt

Eliza Updated Cover

Finished Quilts

The Judy Quilt - Wonderful World Version

The Judy Quilt Pattern in Wonderful World - Kitchen Table Quilting

The Judy Quilt - Halloween Version

The Judy Quilt - Halloween Version


New Pattern - The Ruth Quilt

Ruth Cover

Finished Quilts

The Judy Quilt in Kinder

The Judy Quilt in Kinder - Kitchen Table Quilting

The Ruth Quilt in Purl

The Ruth Quilt Pattern in Purl - Kitchen Table Quilting

The Ruth Quilt - Muted VersionThe Ruth Quilt, Stashbusting Version - Kitchen Table Quilting

Quilts to be photographed and blogged . . .

The Violet Quilt in Daydream
The Rainbow Judy Quilt
Baby Size Eliza Quilt
Scrappy Ruth Quilt
Warp and Weft Plaid-ish Quilt


  1. All of these are on my "I've got to make this" list! Kudos to you, these are just beautiful quilts!


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