The Violet QAL - Basic Info

I know, I have been a slacker with putting together a post for the Violet QAL. The holidays really got away from me and then the world is just nuts. This post is going to have some rough details so that you can be prepared to start sewing.

The Violet Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

Like the Tessa QAL, this is going to be somewhat informal. This time there will be prizes, so if you are going to be ordering fabric, please take a look at the QAL sponsor's shops. They have very generously offered prizes and/or discounts to make this a little more fun. Full details on the prizes will be posted when the QAL begins, but here are the sponsors so you can go ahead and start supporting them:

the violet quiltalong - kitchen table quilting

Fabric Shops


Cam + Lulu

Plain Janes & Co

Traveling Dye Co

Long Arm Quilters

Blue Barn Quilt Co.

Love Bug Longarming

Thirty 4 Stitches


Slightly Biased Quilts

Who should join this QAL?

Maybe I'm biased, but obviously everyone should join. However, I know we are all busy and there are a lot of QALs going on right now. If you would like to make a Violet Quilt but can't join in with us right now, all of this info will remain on the blog for future use.

I gave this quilt an INTERMEDIATE rating - it is not difficult to piece, but the piecing is not traditional. Even if you are a newer quilter, joining in with a QAL is a great time to try something new because we are all here to support you and there will be extra instruction on how to make the pattern. 

Getting read for the qal

So, what do you need to do to get ready for the QAL? 
1. The main thing is that you need to have the pattern (which is on sale until January 25th). It doesn't matter if you have the paper or PDF pattern. 
2. You need some fabric, of course! If you are like me, your stash is overflowing, but you might want to buy new fabric anyway (ha ha!) so I am going to give you the fabric requirements here so that you have plenty of time.

Violet FR Updated Again

If you want more info about which fabrics are which, make sure you download the free coloring sheets to help you plan and find out more about the fabric requirements in the pattern.

3. There is also an option to make a rainbow version, yay! My plan is to make one non-rainbow quilt and one rainbow quilt during the QAL, so tips will be given for both. The fabric requirements below list the colors that I used in my original rainbow version of the quilt - they are all Cotton Couture Solids - but you can substitute them for your favorite rainbow of fabrics. 

Violet Rainbow FR


I know that we all have a preferred method of interacting - Instagram is mine - so I am trying to give opportunities for interaction along multiple platforms. If you do not have an Instagram account, I would encourage you to make one even if it is just for this QAL. Plus, prizes will be chosen through Instagram posts so this is important. 

I will post all of the information you need on the blog, but it is much easier to interact with each other on Instagram. Here are a few ways to interact:
  • Follow the #violetqal hashtag on Instagram 
  • Comment on others' posts - this is a good way to encourage each other!
  • Post a photo introducing yourself 
  • Post a photo showing your fabric selection for the QALThe Violet Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting


Each week there will be at least one blog post with information about making the Violet Quilt Pattern.

If you are only participating in the QAL through the blog posts, you can share your progress, thoughts, and links to your own posts about the QAL in the post comments.


I will be sending out a newsletter each week with a link to the new blog post - if you are already checking my blog, it won't contain any new information. If you will just be checking the blog regularly or see my posts on Instagram, you do not have to sign up for the newsletter.

However, I do sometimes offer discounts exclusively for newsletter subscribers, so it's not a bad idea! ;) 

The Violet Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

If you have any more questions, please let me know! Remember that I did have to turn on comment moderation for blog post because of excessive spam comments - if you make a comment, it won't show up until I approve it. So sorry about that, I know it's annoying!


  1. I definitely have to join this QAL. I purchased the pattern quite some time ago because I had a FQ bundle I wanted to use. So .... bring it on!!

  2. I love the fabric shown in the first Violet quilt. Can you tell me what fabric collection it is or is the quilt made from scraps? It's beautiful either way. Thank you! Kristi

    1. The fabrics are Dowry by Anna Maria Horner - it's a gorgeous collection but it was released a few years ago so it might be hard to find now.

  3. I’ve started my twin size already as we in a lockdown in Ontario, Canada, so I have time now. Really enjoying your pattern! Very easy instruction to follow.

    1. Wonderful! We are pretty locked down here too so it is the perfect time for a QAL.


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