The Violet QAL - Fabric Planning

 Ok, I know - the QAL hasn't started yet. But if you are like me, you are already thinking about fabric and I wanted to give you some quilt mockups to use as examples. During the first week of the QAL, I will give you more information and detail about value, scale, making the rainbow version, etc.  

The Violet Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

I will be making the regular version AND the rainbow version (instructions for both are included in the pattern) - you can see the fabric requirements listed for both versions in the QAL intro post

Also, a reminder to pick up the pattern while it is on sale - it will go back to regular price once the QAL begins. 

Scrappy vs. Non-Scrappy

In the pattern, there are 3 shapes: the plus shapes, the large squares, and the small squares. You have the option of making the large squares scrappy or not scrappy - if you choose the scrappy option, you will not need a Fabric C for your quilt but you will need a couple more Fabric A fabrics (more detail is in the pattern). 

Check out the example mockup using Golden Hour by Alexia Abegg for Ruby Star Society. The top quilt is not scrappy - all of the large squares use the same ochre colored fabric. In the second image, the large squares use a variety of fabrics. 

The Violet QAL Mockups - Kitchen Table QuiltingThe Violet QAL Mockups - Kitchen Table Quilting

More Mockups

Homebody by Maureen Cracknell

The Violet QAL Mockups - Kitchen Table Quilting

Squeeze by Dana Willard

The Violet Quilt in Squeeze - Kitchen Table Quilting

This is an older Bonnie and Camille collection that I mocked up when I wrote the pattern, but I think it would be really fun in Shine On!

The Violet QAL Mockups - Kitchen Table Quilting

Solids - you also have the option of using a single fabric for each shape. 

The Violet QAL Mockups - Kitchen Table Quilting

Rainbow Mockups

Flea Market by Lori Holt

The Violet QAL Mockups - Kitchen Table Quilting
Speckled by Ruby Star Society - the colors are Peony, Cotton Candy, Sunstone, Peach, Sunshine, Citron, Soft Aqua, Mint, Turquoise, Soft Blue, Denim, and Berry. The background fabric is White Gold. 
The Violet QAL Mockups - Kitchen Table Quilting

I hope that helps you in your fabric selections!


  1. Thank you for the additional mock ups; I couldn't get past your cover photo and that fabric is long gone :(

    1. I wish I could get more of that fabric too! I love doing mockups, there will be more next week when I talk about picking your fabrics.

  2. Could we also use ¼ yard of fabric instead of fat quarters for Fabric A?

    1. If your 1/4 is a little bit generously cut, it would work. You need the full 9" to cut your squares so if your 1/4 aren't cut straight, it won't be enough fabric.


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