The Violet QAL - Sponsors and Prizes

The Violet Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting
I am very excited today that I get to share the Violet Quiltalong prizes! All of these sponsors are wonderful, small businesses and I hope you will find ways to help support them. Some great ways to help them out: buy from them or use their services (obviously), follow them on Instagram or Facebook, like or comment on their social media posts, share their posts, send them supportive messages, etc. 

The Violet QAL - Sponsors and Prizes
When will winners be chosen? Winners for the pattern and fabric prizes will be chosen halfway through the QAL - that will be during the week of February 8-12. Winners of the longarming prizes will be announced at the conclusion of the QAL.

How can I be eligible for the prizes? In order to be eligible for a prize, you should follow the sponsors on Instagram and post at least one photo each week with the hashtag #violetqal. 

Here is a list of the sponsors and the prizes!

Fabric - 

BrewStitched Fabrics

Cam + Lulu Fabrics

Plain Janes & Co


Patterns - 

Slightly Biased Quilts

Long Arm Quilters - 

Blue Barn Quilt Co. 

Love Bug Longarming

Thirty 4 Stitches Quilting

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