The Violet Quilt in Daydream

I finally get to share photos of this version of The Violet Quilt today! When we lived in Southern California I really took the weather for granted - I could take quilt photos pretty much any time. Now that we are in Oregon things are a little trickier - especially in the winter - and sometimes there are weeks where it is too rainy, windy, or dark to take photos. 

We finally had a sunny day last week and my husband and I were quite the spectacle walking over to a field near our house - we were both piled with quilts. I'm sure our neighbors thought we were nuts! 

The Violet Quilt in Daydream - Kitchen Table Quilting

Since the Violet QAL is currently going on, I have been anxious to share finished photos of the version I made a few weeks ago using Daydream by Patty Basemi. The collection is so sweet - perfect for a little girl.

The Violet Quilt in Daydream - Kitchen Table Quilting

I mixed in a Pure Elements Solid in Peach Sorbet - I had it on hand and both collections are from Art Gallery Fabrics so the worked well together (usually collections from one manufacturer are more likely to match their solids). 

UntitledThe Violet Quilt in Daydream - Kitchen Table Quilting

It seems like the more quilts I make, the pickier I get about the backing fabric. There was absolutely nothing suitable in my stash, so I picked up some yardage of my favorite print from the collection for the backing. I love it!

The Violet Quilt in Daydream - Kitchen Table Quilting

It's not too late to join in with the Violet QAL - we are just picking our fabric this week!

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