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Starting today, I will be making the Cleo Quilt Pattern and sharing advice, tips, process, etc. while I make my quilt. If you would like to join me, jump in at any time! All of the information will be posted on my Instagram account - mostly in my stories but I will post progress in my feed so make sure you are following me.

The Cleo Quilt, Rainbow Version - Kitchen Table Quilting

I will be using a combination of scraps and yardage to make my quilt (actually, quilts - I will be making a version with prints and one with solids) since I am both scrapbusting and stashbusting.

The Cleo Quilt, Rainbow Version - Kitchen Table Quilting

There isn’t a schedule and there are no prizes, but there will be lots of useful info and it will be a lot of fun!

If you would like to join in, you can pick up a copy of the Cleo Quilt Pattern in the shop.


  1. Have my copy of Cleo and can't wait to get started - scraps/stash fabrics are overflowing!


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