The Judy Quilt - Spooky n Sweeter Version

 I got to make a little contribution to the Art Gallery Fabrics lookbook for their new Spooky n Sweeter collection - here is a slightly spooky (but mostly sweet) version of the Judy Quilt Pattern.

The Judy Quilt in Spooky n Sweeter 12

You know I love pink and purple, especially together, so this collection really caught my eye. The prints are super sweet too and it is a quilt I would use year-round, not just seasonally. 

The Judy Quilt in Spooky n Sweeter 11

My kids agree with that idea and were big fans of the collection - it is rare that I can get them excited about fabric!

The Judy Quilt in Spooky n Sweeter 7

This collection worked really well with the pattern because it shows off the larger scale prints and uses the smaller scale prints as accents. There are a few Art Gallery basics mixed in there, too.

The Judy Quilt in Spooky n Sweeter 8

My favorite print in the collection is the purple bat print - that is my absolute favorite shade of purple and I am going to need to stock up on it. It is so hard to find good purple fabric!

The Judy Quilt in Spooky n Sweeter 6
The Judy Quilt in Spooky n Sweeter 4

You can view the full lookbook for the collection here and you can find the Judy Quilt Pattern in my shop.


  1. I'm not a real big fan of Halloween but absolutely am in love with this fabric bundle and how you used it with your Judy quilt pattern. Love, love, love the pink pumpkins, witches' boots and hats! What a fun fabric collection.

    1. Thank you! I feel the same way - normally I don't care for Halloween fabric but this one transcends the holiday. It's great!


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