The Penny QAL - The Mockups

This is the post I have been looking forward to writing - I always have way more versions of a quilt planned than I actually have time to make. The Penny Quilt is particularly fun to mockup because it works well with a lot of fabric collections and combinations. 

The Penny Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

I hope that you find these helpful and inspiring - there is a mix of traditional/modern, print/solid, just about everything here!


The Penny Quilt in Speckled

Spooky 'n Sweeter

The Penny Quilt - Spooky

First Light

The Penny Quilt in First Light

West Hill

West Hill - The Penny Quilt Pattern

Cozy Up

The Penny Quilt in Cozy Up


The Penny Quilt in Adorn

Pure Solids

The Penny Quilt in Pure Solids


The Penny Quilt in Bookish

Tomorrow we will wrap our fabrics discussion by talking about Fabric D - Sashing!

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  1. Thanks for the mock-up. Always helpful for choosing colors and to see how different designs (flower, plaid, solid) will work. I'm very excited to get started! Thanks!!!!!


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