Quilter's Wish List

Recently, I asked a question on Instagram: what quilting related items are on your wish list for Christmas this year? They were so fun to read and I thought you would enjoy seeing them, too.

This is a list of the compiled items - I have added links where I had recommendations. If you have anything to add to the wish list, add it in the comments!

The Iris Quilt in Tula Pink - Kitchen Table Quilting

A note to anyone purchasing gifts for a quilter: the quilter for whom you are shopping may request things like rulers, an iron, or thread - these may not seem like glamorous gifts to buy someone for a holiday, but they mean a lot to a quilter! 

Fabric and/or Gift Cards to Fabric Shops

This was the most requested item - I don't blame you! I always buy myself fabric for Christmas (ha!). Specifically mentioned were an Unruly Nature bundle, Liberty fabric, a Curiouser & Curiouser Bundle, and anything from Ruby Star Society. Also, bolts of background fabric - this is such a great idea for a gift!


This was the second most requested item and we could all use more of it. If anyone actually figures out how to get more time, please let me know!

Miscellaneous Notions

Kona Card

Quilting Gloves

Fork Pins

Piecing Pins (These are the ones that I use for almost everything!)

Little House Glass Head Pins

Basting Pins


Hera Marker

Kai Scissors

Small, Pointed Scissors

Tula Pink Scissors

Wonder Clips

Lighting (I have 2 of these and love them!)

Photo Backdrop Stand

Cutting Supplies

Cutting Mat

Rotating Cutting Mat

Rotary Cutter

Rotary Blades - I have had good luck buying these knock off blades on Ebay - YMMV!


Walk: Master Machine Quilting

Modern Quilt Block Book


Batting Roll

Design Wall


Fancy Threads

Aurifil Cones

Size 8 Perle Cotton

Gift Certificates

Did you know I sell gift cards to my shop? You can find them here

Fat Quarter Shop Gift Card

Etsy Gift Card


Creative Grids Rulers

Stripology Ruler (make sure to get the XL!)

BlocLoc Ruler

Yardstick Ruler

Add a Quarter Ruler

Sewing Machines

Longarm Machine

Bigger Sewing Machine

Sashiko Machine

Pressing Supplies

Tailor's Clapper

Wool Pressing Mat


Ironing Board

Don't feel like you need someone to gift you what you want for Christmas, I am a big believer in quilter's buying gifts for themselves!

This post does contain affiliate links. These help fund my blog without any additional cost to you. I appreciate your support!


  1. Time: The great commodity! Offer to help mow the person's lawn, walk their dog, make them a to go dinner (you drop dinner off and leave! so they can sew) pick up their groceries, return library books. Any place you go the quilter probably goes too. Offer to help photograph their quilt in some cool location! Time. Never enough time. Thanks for asking! p. s. This is my Christmas list!

  2. As for time~ when our kids were small, my hubby would load them up and take them bowling, or to a movie, or even just to a larger playground to give me a little 'free' time to sew. :) It was great!

  3. Erica, Please Help.

    I bought ten of your patterns on November 29,2021 and didn't download them immediately thinking I'd be getting a link with "here are the patterns" or something similar. Of course I didn't and now can't find out how to download them conveniently without bothering you... Of course I need help.
    If you need the list of the pattern to help I at least did print out my receipt and the patterns. My email is:

    Thanks for your time, creativity (I love) and assistance. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. "Jane"

    1. Jane,

      I sent you an email but haven't heard back. Let me know how I can help!


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