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Today I am interrupting the Penny QAL posts to share some more quilt ideas - this time using Elizabeth Hartman's new collection, Sunroom.

I have been a fan of Elizabeth's work for a long time - her first book is still one of my favorite quilting books. Her fabric is really useful because it works well as a collection, it mixes with her previous collections, the prints work by themselves as basics, and (since they are both made by Robert Kaufman Fabrics) they work perfectly with Kona Cotton colors.  

An Ella Quilt from the Stash - Kitchen Table Quilting

For the past little bit I have really enjoyed sharing quilt ideas using new fabrics and one of the best parts is getting to play around with different types of collections (traditional, modern, pastel, bright, etc.). This collection was fun to play with because there is a darker value and lighter value of almost all of the colors.

Here are the mockups! 

The Ella Quilt (fat quarter friendly)

The Ella Quilt Pattern in Sunroom

The Abigail Quilt

The Abigail Quilt Pattern in Sunroom

The Kelly Quilt (fat quarter Friendly)

The Kelly Quilt Pattern in Sunroom

I am surprised how different the fabrics look in the patterns - they hardly look like they are from the same collection. If you have any upcoming fabric collections you would like to see mocked up, let me know in the comments!


  1. Love the Ella Quilt! Let me know when I can purchase this pattern. Thank you!

    1. Thank you! You can find the pattern right here:

  2. The Ella quilt is beautiful, hope you make a pattern soon.

    1. Thank you! The pattern is already available, you can find it here:


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