The Penny QAL - Trimming Your Quilt

 It's finally here: the last week of the Penny QAL.

The Penny Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

To trim your quilt, it is helpful to have the following items - there are links to the rulers that I use in the video, but there are lots of comparable options out there.

  • A rotary cutter
  • A cutting mat - you can cut yours on a clean cutting table or move your cutting mat to the floor if that gives you more room.
  • A square ruler - This is helpful but not necessary. You could use any ruler to trim your corners, but I think a large, square ruler make sit easier.
  • A long ruler

The best way to talk you through trimming your quilt, is to actually talk you through trimming the quilt. 

If you have any questions about trimming your quilt top, send me a message or post them in the comments here. If there are questions, I will film a second video where I trim my other quilt top and try to clarify anything that didn't make sense here.

Thank you all for hanging in there as we quilted along - this has been a lot of fun!

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