Better Half Square Triangle Trimming

How do you feel about trimming HSTs? I don't love them, but they are kind of an important part of this whole quilting thing. 

The Diana Quilt in Speckled - Kitchen Table Quilting

When I make quilts, I am always looking for a slightly better way to do things. Usually changes make very little difference in the finished product, but over time all of those little changes have led to great accuracy.

Recently I discovered a way to trim HSTs that actually resulted in a pretty significant difference in getting crisp corners. My HSTs are usually pretty good (pats self on the back) but I always want them to be better.

You can watch a video demonstration below:

There are lots of slotted ruler options out there. For trimming HSTs, a smaller ruler is a little easier to handle but you could use any size. I will link to a few options here:

QuiltCut Strip Savvy Square Up Slotted Quilting Ruler (this is what I am using in the video)

Each of these rulers has multiple size options. I love my Creative Grids Stripology XL for cutting width of fabric strips, but I have really liked having the smaller QuiltCut ruler for trimming. 


  1. I honestly believe the best way is Bloc Loc rulers. Totally in love with these rulers.

    1. Bloc Loc rulers are great, but I like to press my seams open so they don't work well for me!


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