The Carly Quilt - Even More Mockups

If you are thinking about using a single fabric collection for your Carly Quilt, I wanted to give you a few more mockups using collections that are currently available. You can view previous mockups here

The Carly Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

This quilt uses a combination of fat quarters and fat eighths. The fat eighths create the smaller diamond shapes (Fabrics A and D). You can use all fat quarters by using these fabrics for twice as many blocks (use each Fabric A for twice as many blocks, etc.). It will give you less fabric variety, but requires fewer fabrics. The "More Pie?" version below does this.

Camont by Rifle Paper Co.

The Carly Quilt in Camont

First Light from Ruby Star Society

The Carly Quilt in First Light

More Pie? by Dana Willard

The Carly Quilt in More Pie

Birthday by Sarah Watts

The Carly Quilt in Birthday

Pure Solids from Art Gallery Fabrics.

The Carly Quilt - Muted Spring

I really enjoyed using Pure Solids for my fall-colored version that I made of the quilt, so I thought I'd mock it up in some spring-ier colors. Here is a list of colors that I used here:

White Linen (Background)

Warm Wave

Crystal Pink

Apricot Crepe

Sweet Fig

Tranquil Waters


Cotton Candy



Georgia Peach

Fresh Water

Field of Lavender

Peach Sherbet

Tender Green

Sweet Pink

Light Citron

Quartz Pink

Banana Cream

Lavender Water

Gentle Feather

I had a lot of fun putting these together - I can't wait to see what you make! The Carly Quiltalong starts on Monday. If you have picked your fabrics, make sure to post them on Instagram using the #carlyqal hashtag.

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