Quilt Ideas - All is Well

All is Well is such a sweet collection - I love the soft, muted colors and the florals. While I normally favor bold, more saturated colors, I am finding myself more drawn to softer collections lately. It was fun to play around with them in some quilts.

The Frances Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

I tried to do a mix of older/new and more traditional/more modern patterns for this collection. My favorite prints in the collection is probably the plaid and it is available as a flannel print. What a great quilt backing!

The Violet Quilt

The Violet Quilt Pattern in All is Well

The Glenda Quilt

The Glenda Quilt in All is Well

The Frances Quilt

The Frances Quilt in All is Well

The Abigail Quilt

The Abigail Quilt in All is Well

My favorite is probably the Glenda Quilt. I haven't made that pattern in a while, maybe I need to add that to my list! Which is your favorite?

You can find All is Well is available in shops now and you can find all of the patterns in my shop.

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