Quilt Ideas - Florida 2

I have some fun mockups for you today! These are all using Florida 2 by Sarah Watts. A while back I shared my Freya Quilt pattern which uses the collection, but the fabric wasn't quite available yet - you know how that goes these days! 

The Freya Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

This collection has some great purples and one of my current favorite color combinations (peach with a minty green). I have only been to Florida once (on a band trip in the 9th grade) and I live just about as far away from Florida as you can get and still be in the contiguous 50 states, but I just adore this collection.

The Freya Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

I made a quilt with original Florida collection as well and I was glad to see more purples included, especially purples that can be used as basics.

The Hannah Quilt

The Hannah Quilt in Florida 2

The Violet Quilt

The Violet Quilt in Florida 2

The Carly Quilt

The Carly Quilt in Florida 2

The Naomi Quilt

The Naomi Quilt in Florida 2

The Olivia Quilt

The Olivia Quilt in Florida 2

Do you have a favorite? I think mine is probably Violet. Or maybe Hannah. It's hard to pick! You can find each of these patterns in my shop and Florida 2 is available in shops now.

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