Quilt Ideas - Ombre Galaxy Metallic

Last week when I was putting together mockups using the Elena Quilt pattern, I really loved working with V and Co.'s Ombre Galaxy Metallic prints so I thought they deserved their own post.

The Iris Quilt in Ombre - Kitchen Table Quilting

I have enjoyed Vanessa's ombre lines for a while (see here, here, and here) - there is a reason why they keep making them! I particularly like this collection because of the number of blue/green/purple options so I focused on those in a couple of the mockups.

Here is the mockup I did with the Elena Quilt:

The Elena Quilt in Ombre Galaxy

And here are the new ones!

The Beatrice Quilt

The Beatrice Quilt in Ombre Galaxy

The Carly Quilt

The Carly Quilt in Ombre Galaxy

The Virginia Quilt

The Virginia Quilt in Ombre Galaxy

The Taylor Quilt

The Taylor Quilt in Ombre Galaxy

The Sylvie Quilt

The Sylvie Quilt in Ombre Galaxy

The Judy Quilt

The Judy Quilt in Ombre Metallic

Do you have a favorite? I am torn between Taylor and Beatrice - you know I'm a sucker for a rainbow quilt and these as so much fun! Ombre Galaxy Metallic is in stores now.

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