4 Days of 40% Off - The Hazel Quilt

Today's 40% off PDF pattern is the Hazel Quilt!

The Hazel Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

This is a fun one and the construction isn't as tricky as you might think. If you have made the Violet Quilt Pattern, it is constructed in a very similar way.

It is also one of my favorite quilts to mockup collections with because it works well with lots of different fabric combinations.

The cover version of the quilt was made using my beloved stash of Juliana Horner prints that I bought ages ago when they were available at Joann's.

The Hazel Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

The other two samples that I have made both used Alexia Abegg's woven collections for Ruby Star Society. In case you can't tell, I'm a fan!

The first was in the original Warp and Weft Collection.

The Hazel Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

And the second was using the Warp and Weft Heirloom prints.

The Hazel Quilt in Warp & Weft Heirloom - Kitchen Table Quilting

You can pick up a copy of the pattern in my shop. The discount should automatically apply to the pattern. Tomorrow another pattern will be on sale so make sure to check back!

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