The Luna Quiltalong - Quilt Kits

Welcome to Week 1 of the Luna Quiltalong. This week we will be talking about fabric selection.

The Luna Quilt in Spooky Darlings - Kitchen Table Quilting

This quiltalong is for everyone, but it will include extra information for beginning quilters. Feel free to skip over posts that aren't helpful to you if you have a few more quilting years under your belt. The whole quilting world can seem pretty overwhelming at first and I want to be as thorough as I can.


This week we will be talking about the different cuts of fabric you can use to make the quilt, how to pick fabric that will be successful, where to buy fabric, and whether to use prints or solids. Today we will start off by talking about quilt kits.

When I made my first quilt, I was absolutely terrified to buy the fabric. I did so much reading about where and how much to buy that I got really confused and ended up buying a kit. Quilt kits are a great way to buy fabric for a project without all of that stress and worry.

For the quiltalong, I worked with several different shops to put together kits that will work for the quiltalong. You have plenty of time to order a kit and have it arrive before we really get going since next week we will be talking about picking scraps for the quilt. 

The Luna Quilt in Bon Voyage - Kitchen Table Quilting

These are all great shops (they are listed alphabetically) and I appreciate their willingness to help put these kits together for you. It is so helpful to buy fabric from a shop that loves fabric as much as you do and that is true of all of these shops. If you have any questions or need any assistance, feel free to reach out to the shop and they will be there for you!

There are a few different ways that shops offer quilt kits so here are some things to consider:

  • Some kits include the quilt pattern, some do not.
  • Some kits include backing and binding fabric, some have the option to add those to your order, some just have fabric for the quilt top.
  • Quilt kits usually do not include batting so that is something that you will need to purchase separately (and we will talk about that later in the quiltalong).

Beetle & Fred

The Luna Quilt in Tiny Beasts

Modern Stitch Co (in Canada)

This shop has put together both a custom Christmas bundle (pictured here) and a kit using Firefly by Sarah Watts for Ruby Star Society.

The Luna Quilt Pattern Christmas Bundle

Moonlight Quilters

This shop has put together a page with lots of options that will work for the quiltalong and they have offered a discount code — use code KITCHENTABLELUNA to get 10% off your purchase.

The Luna Quilt in Jolly Darlings

Off the Rails

The Luna Quilt Kit - Off the Rails

Plain Janes & Co

The shop also has a kit for the Spooky Darlings version like the cover quilt.

The Luna Quilt in Holly Jolly

Sewing Arts 

This shop is making samples using Honey and Strawberry & Friends, but they will also work with you to pick a background fabric if you have another jelly roll in mind! Give them a call or send them an email if you would like their help.

The Luna Quilt Pattern - Strawberry and Friends

Sisters Quilt Shop

The Luna Quilt Kit - Sisters Quilt Shop

If you have any questions about these kits, you can contact me or the shop to find out more information. They are all wonderful to work with!

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