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A few weeks ago when I released the Jonah Quilt Pattern, several people commented that they were excited to see a pattern that was easily made a little more masculine. Me too! I don't think a quilt for a girl needs to be feminine or a quilt for a boy needs to be masculine — it really doesn't matter — but I do think that it is a little trickier to find patterns that lean more masculine if that is what you are looking for.

The Jonah Quilt in Pure Solids — Kitchen Table Quilting

Then I started to think that which of my other patterns would lend themselves well to this type of project. I saw a new woven collection from Primitive Gatherings called Urban Homestead Gatherings. I happen to really love gray and brown, they are two of my favorite colors, even though I mostly sew with bright colors and this collection does gray and brown really well so I put together some quilt ideas.

The Jonah Quilt Pattern

The Jonah Quilt in Urban Homestead Gatherings

The Ruth Quilt Pattern

The Ruth Quilt in Urban Homestead Gatherings

The Penny Quilt Pattern

The Penny Quilt in Urban Homestead Gatherings

The Sadie Quilt Pattern

The Sadie Quilt in Urban Homestead Gatherings

The Violet Quilt Pattern

The Violet Quilt in Urban Homestead Gatherings

Do you have a favorite? I don't think I can pick just one here — I guess I would go with the Jonah Quilt because it's a newer one, but I would love to make any of these if I had time for them!

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