The Luna Quiltalong Week 11 - Quilting

I hope you enjoyed your week off last week and are ready to get started with the quilting. I always look forward to this part of the process because I can put on a good audiobook and just focus on stitching — it is very relaxing.

The Luna Quilt in Spooky Darlings - Kitchen Table Quilting

The Luna Quiltalong — Week 11

However, I know that this step can seem daunting if you are a newer quilter so I put together a video with some things that you can do to adjust your machine to make it a little more quilting-friendly.  The only supplies that you are going to need for this step (unless you are hand quilting) are a sewing machine, thread (this is what I almost always use), and a needle (these are my favorite). 

If you are looking for more tips on the quilting process, make sure to check out this video I did a while back where I answered lots of submitted questions about how it all works.

I am off to start my quilting! Have a great week!

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