Christmas Inspiration

I don't do a ton of holiday sewing, but I was surprised to look back and see that I had quite a few to share! And this doesn't include the tree skirt I made (that I never photographed) or the first stockings that I made for my family years ago (which were EPP and that I did not love). 

2017 Christmas Stockings

Each of the projects below links to the original blog post. The only holiday-related sewing I did this year was the Ivy Quilt that I made several months ago so I have been done with my Christmas sewing for months!

Christmas Stockings

super sized stockings - 1

A Christmas-y Zola Quilt

super sized stockings - 3

A Christmas Nancy Quilt

super sized stockings - 4

A Jolly Darlings Ivy Quilt

super sized stockings - 2

A Sugarplum Patti Quilt

super sized stockings - 5

A Holiday Classics Penny Quilt

super sized stockings - 7

Christmas Pillows

super sized stockings - 7

A Christmas Modern Postage Stamp Quilt

super sized stockings - 6

My favorite project out of all of these is probably the stockings. I love that they are giant because filling them is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I like to put little, personalized gifts + everyone's favorites treats inside each one. Presents are fun, but stockings fill a little more personal.

It's a little late to start a Christmas sewing project, but that has never stopped me! If you are looking for stocking stuffers for your favorite quilter (or yourself) I put together a list of my favorites a couple of years ago.

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