a quick iphone sleeve / voting

A couple of days ago my husband had an urgent need for the new iPhone 5.  We had just upgraded our phones last year, but somehow he persuaded me that we had to have the new one so he lined up at 5am this morning.

This new phone doesn't have any accessories available yet.  Supposedly this new phone is very scratch and shatter resistant, but I don't trust myself.  I have preordered a case but in the meantime I need something to protect my phone.

I based mine on this tutorial, but I changed the dimensions (I used 4x14.5" strip, though if I could do it again I would probably make mine a little more narrow), velcro instead of a button, Thermolam instead of batting, and flannel for the lining.
iphone 5 sleeve
iphone 5 sleeve
It is very simple but it should do the job for a couple of weeks. 

Also, Rachel at Stitched in Color posted voting for the Softly Against Black contest and one of my mosaics made it to the finals.  If you have a second, go take a look at all of the beautiful fabric combinations!
softly against black mosaic 2


  1. I voted for your bundle, it's lovely!

  2. There s an iPhone 5? Your husband sounds like a gadget man. Well done on finals.


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