work in progress wednesday

This week I. . .
  • Almost finished this tote bag for a swap, which I talked about in my last post.  I just need to hand sew the hole in the lining where I turned the bag and it will be complete.
a little sneak peak . . .
  • Got about a quarter of the way done quilting my wonky cross quilt.  Maybe not quite that much, but I will round up :)
  • Received my papers for the Travellin' Pic Stitch blog hop.  I'm going to be EPP some rose star blocks.  
  • Finished most of my flying geese for my daughter's quilt.  This is a low priority, but I'm having fun working on it with my daughter so I will hopefully get to do some work on it this week. 
That's about it.  This week I would like to . . .
  • Get about half way done quilting my wonky cross quilt.  It is queen size and I have a hard time working up the motivation to sew those LONG lines.
  • Make my son's Superman costume.  This actually has to happen since we are going to a Halloween party at Disneyland on Tuesday.
  • Start working on something for the Mouthy Stitches swap.  I ordered a little bit of a fabric and it should hopefully be here tomorrow.  My partner is really brilliant and she has very beautiful taste, but seems to prefer different colors than what I normally use, so I thought I would use this opportunity to try some new colors.  
  • Hand sew the lining in the tote bag.  
  • Start working on some EPP.  This may not happen.  It is going to be a busy week.
I got some happy mail today.  When I first saw Field Study, I didn't think I needed it.  Turned out I was wrong.  I did stick to a few of my favorite prints, but I have a feeling I will regret it if I don't get more! (there is one Chicopee print in here too that I decided I needed, I can't turn down that color!)


  1. love the tote bag and the cross quilt looks fab too! I gave in to Field study too love your choices! xx

  2. Love the tote!! the quilting looks great against that layout.

  3. I love the colors and pattern on your tote!

  4. I really really love the colors, the triangles, and the quilting on your tote. Beautiful!

  5. Those triangles are awesome! I bought myself an equilateral triangle ruler and am getting up the nerve to use it... you did a great job, the bag is gorgeous.

  6. Your projects are looking great. I love the triangle tote, and those field study fabrics look luscious!

  7. Love that triangle quilt, its very inspired!!

  8. Love your triangles....I mean really love!!

  9. Your tote is gorgeous! I couldn't resist Field Study either :)

  10. I just got a new sewing machine and the proper feet, so I look forward to attempting to machine quilt with it. Nothing fancy for me, but I hope to figure it out.


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