wip wednesday

Completed this week:
  • Pillow Talk Swap pillow.  I am going to have a hard time sending this away :(
PTS round 9
  • Halloween baskets for my kids

halloween buckets
puzzled triangles brrr mini
In progress:
  • Wonky cross quilt.  My original plan was to finish this before working on anything else, but I haven't touched it this week.  Oops.
wonky cross quilt progress
  • Flying geese quilt for my daughter.  I finished piecing the top yesterday and then basted the quilt last night.  Woohoo!  I showed it to my daughter yesterday after I finished the quilt top and she said, "I love it, it's so rainbow-ish."  She had asked for a rainbow quilt so I guess that's a success.

To be started:
  • Do good stitches blocks for October.  We are making these blocks.
  • Scrap quilt.  It has to happen, the scrap bin is overflowing everywhere.  
  • Graduation quilt for my sister.  
I now have 3 swap projects completed that need to be mailed in the upcoming week.  I really enjoyed working on them and will definitely be doing more swaps in the future, but I think I will take a little time to focus on my projects first.  I am going to have family in town this week, but I am hoping to be able to finish my daughter's quilt and my do good stitches blocks so I can get those in the mail.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. I'd have a tough time giving that pillow away too! There are so many pillows that I'd love to make but I have to stop...we have too many as it is!!

    Your projects are all lovely. I particularly like the dense straight lines on your modern cross quilt.

  2. You got so much accomplished! Everything looks wonderful. :)

  3. Wow, everything you made looks so beautiful! I especially like that mini quilt and pillow!

  4. OMG - your triangle projects are all such fun - I love triangles you can do so much with them - Yummy!

  5. The flying geese quilt looks great and I love that pillow.

  6. I must say, I love all your stuff! And that pillow - the best - just really lovely!

  7. great triangles, on both the pillow and the Brrr! mini :)

  8. Wow! You have such a great list of WIPS for us to drool over! I'm stunned by the pillow and mini - off to check out the tutorial. The rest are equally amazing too! Nice work!

  9. i love that pillow! oh and i just used the same exact pumpkin and ghost fabric to make some big butt baby pants. great projects!

  10. Love that pillow. You better send it to me. It will make you feel better about parting with it.

    Love your daughters quilt too. Great job on that. Looks terrific!

  11. Man those triangles are where it's at. I love those.


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