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rose star

I had originally planned on turning my EPP rose star project into a mini quilt, but then I realized that it would be a great size to use in combination with this tutorial.  Since I used a 2" hexagon in the center, my rose star was a little under 14" so it made a GIANT basket.  I keep my fabric upstairs in my closet and I sew downstairs in my dining room, so this is going to be perfect for ferrying fabric back and forth.
rose star fabric basket
The tutorial is pretty easy and it resulted in a very useful basket.  I definitely think I will be making more of these in the future (although probably smaller).  This one is about 15" tall and 15" in diameter.  I wanted to make sure it would stand up okay on it's own, so I used Thermolam on the exterior and Pellon 808 on the lining fabric.  It is a little floppy when empty, but when it has fabric inside it stands up nicely on its own.
this basket is huge!
I also made another iPad case using this pattern.  It is headed to my sister's house since she is buying our iPad 2 off of us.  I figured I would throw this in the package since my 2 year old colored on its previous case last week.
iPad 2 case


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