I think I'm addicted to doing these . . .

Jenelle over at Echinops and Aster posted today about a curated collection competition going on over at Sew Lux.  Putting together mosaics is the perfect thing to do during my kids' naps (and they actually napped today!) so I couldn't resist.
curated collection mosaic
I am normally a fan of cooler colors, but I love all of these prints and the chilly weather has definitely drawn me to these autumn colors.  I am going to call my mosaic Autumn Evenings. If you haven't already checked out the competition, you can find the details and linkup here!


  1. Love your colour combo - it definitely has a very warm and autumnal feel to me. I am totally addicted - I have a couple of bundles entered already!

  2. Fun warm colors, nice bundle! Good Luck!

  3. I love this! The warm oranges look very cozy to me. :)

  4. I love the name for this - so perfect! It's definitely warm and inviting! Thanks for playing along! :-)

  5. Love your bundle for Chrissy's contest! Favorite season, awesome choices. =)


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