November bee blocks

November is my month in the do. Good Stitches Wish Circle.  I was having trouble deciding which block to choose, but then I saw this tutorial at the Moda Bake Shop and I thought it would be perfect.

Since my last quilt was really girly with lots of pinks and purples and oranges, I asked the group to make blocks with boy-ish colors.
November do. Good Stitches blocks
This block was really fun to make and I definitely could see myself doing an entire quilt.  It is pretty easy and I love the look of the finished block.  I am looking forward to putting this quilt together in a few weeks!


  1. Looks great! I'm looking forward to getting started on mine!

  2. Oh. that's a fun one. I bet it gives a neat effect when it all comes together!

  3. It looks great! I need to pull my fabrics and get going on mine. :)

  4. Really like these blocks and the tutorial has been bookmarked for my 'one day' make list :)

  5. Love these! That's going to be one cool quilt!


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