wip wednesday

I took a little break from my Habitat quilt last night to watch the election results and work on a new project.  My husband recently bought an iPad mini (it is awesome!) and, while we did buy smart covers to go with them, that doesn't protect the back of the iPad.  Knowing my kids, they needed a little extra protection.  I bought this pattern (which is also awesome!) and modified it to fit the iPad mini size.

ipad mini sleeve
ipad mini sleeve
I figured that while I was making one, I might as well make 2.  The extra is listed in my brand new etsy shop.  

I have made progress on my twin sized Habitat quilt.  I have almost completed the straight line quilting and I am going to do some pebble quilting in the solid diamonds.  

habitat quilting progress
My only other WIP is a stack of fabric that I have already cut for my son's quilt.  I am really looking forward to getting to work on it so I am using that as motivation to get finished up with this Habitat quilt!


  1. Loving the fabric you've used on the ipad mini pouch :)

  2. The case for the ipod mini looks wonderful!

  3. The case looks great. I cannot wait to see your Habitat quilt finished! It looks awesome!


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