chevron baby quilt

Some friends of ours are expecting their second baby in a couple months and I thought I'd put together something fun for them.  I actually used this pattern, but left out the solid parts and made it shorter since I wanted a smaller quilt.

My assistant (aka my 4 year old daughter) has been a little under the weather and was not super happy about holding the quilt up this morning.  So it is upside down and crooked, but it was kind of her to try :)
chevron quilt
I backed with some soft gray minky fabric.  
chevron minky quilt back
I do want to make the Scout pattern as written, it was fun and easy to put together and I think it makes a great boy quilt.  This will be headed to its new home in a couple weeks!


  1. You just appeared in my google reader. Your quilt is gorgeous!

  2. The Scout quilt came to mind as soon as I saw this, and I was right! I love how you changed it, omitting the solid strips. A great baby quilt.

  3. Perfect baby quilt. Thanks for your assistant for holding it up for the picture! Happy Holiday Seasonn :)

  4. this is such a pretty boy quilt! Sorry your little one is not feeling that well.

  5. Cute! I really like it without the solid stripes. 2 of my sisters are expecting, and I think you have inspired me to try minky on the backs of their baby quilts!

  6. I LOVE this so much without the solid center strip...I need to make this version now! It turned out super cute. -Allison

  7. love this quilt. thanks for sharing

  8. Beautiful color and fabric choices! What a wonderful, snuggly baby quilt. Question: When you use Minky for backing, do you omit the batting? Any tips or tricks for Minky success? I've had a few Minky Mishaps in my quilting past, and my niece needs a replacement for her loved-to-pieces (literally!) first blanky that I made when she was born.


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