Perfect Quilted Totes

I wouldn't say that mine ended up perfect exactly, but I did make a couple of Elizabeth Hatman's Perfect Quilted Totes this week for my daughter's teachers.  I had debated whether or not to buy the pattern because I have made tote bags and I have made QAYG tote bags, but in the end I decided it was worth it.  And it WAS worth it.  This pattern is great.
blues quilted tote side a
My daughter attends a pre-k program at a public elementary school and her teacher and teacher's aide are AMAZING.  The preschool is free (also amazing) and their funding has been stripped down to almost nothing, but my daughter loves the school and we are so grateful for all that her teachers do.  
blues quilted tote side b
The pattern makes two different sized totes, a wide tote or a tall tote.  I made the tall tote which is the perfect size for carrying books, notebooks, etc.  I love to do projects like this because it is so fun to dig through my scrap bin and use little pieces of some of my favorite fabrics.  
blues quilted tote interior
The tote has a zipper pocket and a second pocket and I love the way the pattern explains to put them together.  The process is pretty easy and the finished product looks very nice.
purple quilted tote side a
I love working on a pattern where everything matches up like it should.  The only problem that I had while making the pattern is sewing the facing on in the very last step.  My machine was not very happy about sewing through that many layers and my stitches weren't as straight as I would have liked.  But it wasn't too bad.
purple quilted tote side b
I would definitely recommend the pattern but don't expect it to be a quick project.  It took me two evenings plus a nap time to make these which is longer than I had expected.  But I do think it is worth the effort.  The finished bag is very sturdy and has a great texture.  
purple quilted tote interior
I was at the elementary school for Harper's holiday program this morning when I heard the devastating news about the school shooting in Connecticut.  I am definitely hugging my kids a little tighter today.  I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for those that have lost family members and my prayers are with them.


  1. Fun the picture of it!

  2. Really fabulous. Sounds like these teachers sure do deserve this lovely handmade goodness.

  3. Lucky teachers! I'm LOVING the tote you made for me.

  4. The totes are beautiful! And Elizabeth should send you a commission - you just sold me on the bag.

  5. They turned out so pretty, I'm sure the teachers will love such wonderful, thoughtful presents. Oh, and thank you so much for the layer cake. I got it in the mail the other day :)

  6. Only quilters can mail layered cakes!...and I love those bags, too. Your sense of color and style is right on.

  7. What a beautiful gift. I am sure the teachers will be delighted. The colours are gorgeous. Will defo have to make one. X

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