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I'm back.  I have spent the last couple weeks recovering the flu, helping my family recover from the flu, and celebrating my birthday, so I'm sorry I have been neglecting the blog!  I do have a quilt to share and it is one that I LOVED working on.
x and + quilt front
Last year I started making a few of these blocks with some It's a Hoot charm packs and some Just Wing it scraps.  I abandoned the blocks because I knew I didn't have enough fabrics to finish the quilt.  I am so glad I waited.  A few weeks ago I snatched up an Oh Deer! layer cake on sale and I knew that I had to pick up those old blocks and finish up the quilt using three Momo collections.

I just love Momo's fabrics.  They are so beautiful and bright and vibrant and I love seeing these three collections together.  
x and + folded
I had some more Moda Snuggles sitting around and it seemed like a perfect backing for this quilt.
x and + backing
I quilted it with straight-ish lines about a half inch apart diagonally across the quilt.  
x and + side view
I wanted to use something sweet and subtle for the binding, so I went with a pink Lecien dot I have had in my stash for a while.
x and +
Since my husband and kids think that I have way too many quilts sitting around the house, I am going to list this one in my etsy shop.  However if no one buys it, I certainly wouldn't be sad to keep it :)

Finished size: 68 x 53"
Listed in my etsy shop here


  1. Glad you are feeling better :-) The quilt is stunning and I love your quilt. Alison is so right about the movement. Great finish.

  2. It is gorgeous! I love the fabrics.

  3. it's beautiful - love the three collections together and the backing looks quite cozy.

  4. Just beautiful Erica. Love the fuzzy backing, and the Momo fabrics are just the type to make you smile!

  5. oooh, it's beautiful!!!! Totally gorgeous!

  6. The quilt looks lovely. i love bright colours! The quilting is sensational. Doesn't it look great on minky? It must have taken you a long time to do all that straight line quilting. I've listed some "surplus to requirement" quilts on my facebook page before. No one bought them, so oh dear, they have to stay with me :)

  7. Oh my word it's gorgeous! Are the blocks 7" ? The quilting must have taken forever but is so fabulous!

  8. The quilting really makes this! Nice job!

  9. I totally LOVED this when I saw it on the Flickr group. Well done!!

  10. I love it! I have been wanting to make this quilt, it's such a great block. I just can't decide what colors to use, or to use all colors :)

  11. This jumped right out at me from the linky for the FAL. I love Momo, too - this quilt is absolutely fabulous!!

  12. Just so you know, I loved this quilt so much, I had to immediately go and make one just like it! Thanks for the inspiration. :)


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