Q2 Finish-A-Long - Oops

I would love to report that I had a productive quarter, and I think I did, I just din't finish much on my list.  I have been pretty busy so I am not that bothered by my lack of finishes this quarter, but I would like to get these finished up soon.

1.  Maple Leaf Rag quilt - I spent a couple hours here and there hand quilting this one, but it still has a long way to go.
finished maple leaf rag quilt top
2. I did finish the Bangles quilt.  Yay for one finish!
bangles quilt front
3.  My Echo/Bella/Glimma patchwork quilt is still sitting in the back of my closet so that one definitely isn't done.

You can read my original Q2 FAL post here.

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  1. Still I love with your Maple Leaf rag quilt. My husband's in LA at the moment...but he's not in to quilting ;-)

  2. That Maple Leaf Rag quilt is stunning, and I love the Bangles one too--the simpler, less experienced little sister of the first one!

  3. The maple leaf rag quilt is the definition of scrappy! Stunning! In a good way...

  4. oh. my. gosh. I literally just gasped when I saw your Maple Leaf Rag quilt. It is absolutely stunning! I have never seen a spiderweb quilt that was pieced that way. All of the colors and patters are just a feast for the eyes!

    :) Kellly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. Love the Maple Leaf Rag (ok, now that music is going to be going through my head all day...). And you're a brave woman to hand quilt it with all those seams!

    Even if it takes awhile keep at it. Every stitch taken today is one less needed to be done tomorrow. You're going to be so proud of that one when it's done!!!

  6. Oh, I love that top quilt!

  7. Stunning! Wow

    Where did you get the template to cut the triangles? What size is it.

  8. I'm loving the Maple Leaf Rag quilt. Keep up the good work on it.

  9. The bangles quilt is so fun and I love the maple leaf rag quilt, it is beautiful.


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