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I promise I am still working on projects and I will share some soon, but for now I have my July do. Good Stitches blocks finished up.  Caitlin asked for 12.5" churn dash blocks made with solid black for the center shape and low volume prints for the background.
churn dash july do good stitches

I am currently working on some quilting and I had a rare experience yesterday where I had 2 problems with my machine while I was quilting. Oh the horror.  However, I am really into the idea of being able to clean and repair problems with my own machine and with the help of the amazing Janome yahoo group (lots of knowledgeable ladies out there) I was able to fix both problems pretty quickly.  

The thread cutter was acting up which was a minor fix, but I ended up having a needle break when I sewed over a bulky seam and it caused a knick on thing that holds the bobbin case in my machine.  The bobbin case made a horrible scraping noise when it moved.
With the help of my son's rattlesnake magnifying glass and an emory board I was able to find the knick and smooth it out.  Boy was I relieved.

In other news, voting is now open for the Threadbias Wallflowers contest.  If you wanted to stop by and vote for me I would definitely appreciate it, but it's worth stopping by to check out all of the fun designs that people created.  


  1. Rattlesnake magnifying glass? Hmmm, could he be related to us? I'll vote!

  2. Clearly, I had girls--I still have our butterfly magnifying glass--and I use it for sewing. I voted--good luck!

  3. Fixing your own machine! You go girl!! I am madly in love with Blooming, and you sure got my vote, Erica!

  4. Fun variation on the churn dash, using such a dark centre and then low volume background. Really neat.

    I love that you fix your own machine too. I try to do what I can and am definitely NOT afraid to open it up and look around. Makes me feel all smart and technical. :)

  5. Love your churn dash blocks! And you have my vote!

  6. Those churn dash blocks are fabulous!


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