a pillow for the boy (and some thoughts on followers)

I finished my son's pillow last night and he was quite pleased to have one to match his sister's.  My assistant, Batman, was kind enough to help me take some photos this afternoon.

My husband says it looks like a mullet pillow.  Business in the front.
jonah's pillow front
Party in the back.
jonah's pillow back
My son has already informed me that he will be sleeping with this pillow and not his other pillow. One of the things I love about sewing is being able to make personalized things for my kids :)

With the demise of Google Reader I have been thinking lately about followers. I created this blog to become more involved in the crafting community, not to gain followers, but it is still fun to see who is following me and appreciate the ability to follow them back. 

I notice that I occasionally still have someone link to me through Google Friend Connect and I appreciate being able to see followers through Bloglovin, but I wish there was a more centralized system.  

So my question is: How do you keep track of your followers?  


  1. I have just recently started blogging and have been curious about this. I read blog through Feedly. But it doesn't provide any information to the blog owner about who is following them. Mainly I have information about the number of people who go to my site from Google Analytics, but it doesn't provide any information about who the people are. It just tells me how many people have viewed my site in a day.

  2. I love your photos Erica, I love making things for my kids too, it's fun seeing how much they love them! Sorry can't help with the followers problem as I don't blog! :)

  3. What's a mullet pillow?!
    And what do you mean by 'a more centralised system' for followers?! I read blogs through Bloglovin and I can see how many followers I have if I click on the 'my blog button'. Is that not enough...what am I missing?!

  4. So cute! I keep track mostly through Bloglovin' & the google widget on my blog.

  5. Ha! Mullet pillow, awesome!
    As for tracking, i have no idea... i can see with bloglovin how many followers i have but not who they are. Super irritating!

  6. Brilliant - I love your husband's characterisation of "the mullet pillow"! Lovely that your son is so fond of it too. I've definitely noticed a slower increase of followers via GFC since the demise of Google Reader. I do keep an eye on that number, but I also keep an eye on my Bloglovin followers - it seems to be the feed reader of choice for most of my readers. If you search your own blog in Bloglovin you can see who your followers are - for some reason it doesn't give you that information under the "my blog" tab.

  7. haha! Mullet pillow- classic!

    As for followers- I keep track through Bloglovin' and I monitor my feedburner subscriptions (it gives me a list of emails that are subscribing). I know that some follow on Feedly, but I really wish Feedly would let me see who is following. I'm not all about the number of followers either, but it is nice to see them and have the ability to follow back.

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  8. Love the pillow :-)

    Followers so hard to centralize. I have them on wordpress, bloglovin and I am sure they link via other readers. Like you not so much worried about the followers...really doing it to be part of a community

  9. I feel the same frustration. I've gotten a few new followers via google friend connect so I'm not sure if I should ditch that. I'm thinking not for now. But other than that it does feel a bit like a black box.

    Hahah, mullet pillow. It's cute too.

  10. I'm still not sure I totally "get" the following thing? I use feedly but put a bloglovin button on my blog, because I thought it might make it easier for those who use that to follow my blog. And just now read Adrianne's comment and googled bloglovin and searched for my blog and was astounded to see I have 60 followers there! I thought I've only had 44 for ages, which is what I see via google friend connect from the widget on my sidebar, I thought that was the only way I could see followers before! Still trying to make sense of it all??

    Love the mullet pillow and description- took me right back to the 80s!

  11. I use Bloglovin both for reading & seeing who is reading me.

  12. Oh, and it was because of Bloglovin that I found you. I typed in quilts in their search and it brought up dozens of blogs. I lurked around looking at past posts before I followed.

  13. Your pillow turned out adorable! I am making pocket pillows for the girls this Christmas. I just love making stuff for my kids as well. It is so cool to see their faces light up!

  14. Hahaha I thought mullet was Australian humour. Must be transcontinental!

  15. I love the pillow and your assistant. I hardly have any followers so I don't have your problem. :)

  16. Great pillow Erica!

    As for blogs, I now use bloglovin which is okay. I don't think that Google Reader was ever really a "catch all" either, people have always had different ways of following blogs, so for me I don't think it's really any different than before. Just annoying, because I did like my google reader!

  17. Mullet pillow...hysterical!! Super cute and I agree that it is so fun to sew for the little ones.

    I have been trying bloglovin and find it to be the most useful for me.


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