Super Size Castle Block Pillow

After making this pillow to match our new living room furniture, I had trouble deciding on what to do for the second pillow.  When I saw this tutorial for the super size castle block I thought this would be a good option since, while I think the block is amazing, I am probably not going to want to make an entire quilt of these.

So I cut out the pieces and they sat on my counter for three weeks.  Last week I picked the project back up and pieced them together and the project went fairly quickly and was not difficult (but don't expect to be seeing an entire quilt of y-seams from me again any time soon).
super size castle block pillow
The colors are definitely a little more muted than what I normally sew with, but they match the room.
super size castle block pillow back
The back of the pillow is Robert Kaufman Chambray (leftover from this quilt) and it is really lovely.  I will definitely be using it in more projects in the future.

The finished size is a little bigger than 20x20".


  1. Love that block. I have some chambray and no idea what to do with it. Nice to see some in action. Lovely pillow!

  2. That block works great for a pillow!

  3. This came out really well! I adore it!

  4. Beautiful pillow. I love the chambray and particularly like the scrappy x quilt made with it.

  5. Love this! Been enjoying seeing this block around and may just need to try...


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