Follie Baby Quilt (and Tutorial)

A few weeks ago Windham Fabrics sent me a bundle of Lotta Jansdotter's new fabric line, Follie.  I love Lotta's designs and these are no exception.  I love that this collection uses those fun stripes in new colors plus lots of other great prints.  The almost-black brown prints are my favorite since this is a color that is difficult to find but one that I love to use!
Follie FQB
I decided to make a baby quilt with the prints because baby quilts are pretty much my favorite thing to make.  I love how Lotta's prints are pretty and sophisticated and kind of funky at the same time.
Follie Baby Quilt
Fabric Requirements
1 Fat Quarter Bundle Follie
1 1/3 Yards White Solid
1 1/2 Yards Backing
3/8 Yard Binding

Cutting Instructions
Block Construction
Each block is 10.5" unfinished and we will make a total of 20 blocks.

I am going to demonstrate the construction of an "A" block, but the construction for the other blocks is very similar.
A Block
1.  Piece the 2.5" x 4.5" darker rectangles onto either side of the 2.5" x 4.5" lighter triangles.
follie block
2. Add the 3.5" x 6.5" rectangle onto the long side of that piece. 
follie block
3.  Add the 2.5" x 7.5" white rectangles onto the 7.5" sides. 
follie block
4.  Add the 3.5" x 10.5" rectangle onto the 10.5" side.  
follie block
A Block
B Block
C Block
D Block
Arrange your blocks into the following layout.  Your layout may vary depending on your fabric choices, but try to mix the blocks up so that all of your A blocks aren't next to each other, etc.  Piece into rows, then piece the rows together.  
follie quilt
Baste, quilt, and bind as desired.  I have been holding onto this Echo print for a while and decided to go ahead and use it as the backing for this quilt.  As much as I loved looking at the fabric on my shelf it is fun to see it used :)
Follie Baby Quilt Backing
Follie will be available in November.

Finished size: 40" x 50"


  1. Cool pattern and fabric! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous as usual Erica! I like that black/brown colour too - it seems like people in the modern quilting world are just discovering brown. I feel like we were ahead of the curve ;-)

  3. Love this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. what a fantastic little quilt, it's perfect in these lovely fabrics. Thanks for sharing.

  5. this fabric is amazing! and as always, love your baby quilts

  6. That's gorgeous Erica! I love the she brought back that striped fabrics but in new colors.

  7. This is great! And thanks so much for sharing!

  8. How beautiful Erica! Love that giant orange check print. Your pattern really shows off the collection well.

  9. Very fun fabrics! Love how you put them together.:)

  10. Very Cute and the fabrics look yummy!

  11. I'm excited about Lotta's new line and your pattern suits her designs perfectly! Thanks for the tutorial, I'll definitely be making this.

  12. Such a fun quilt! I love the idea of playing with rectangles. :)

  13. This latest line from Lotta wasn't on my radar screen. Thanks for introducing me to it and for the tutorial!

  14. Agreed - baby quilts are one of the most fun things to make. Great design for these prints!

  15. clean, simple, stylish, and just a bit funky - just like lotta's lovely designs. perfect pairing!


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