Pretty Pink Baby Girl Quilt

Around the time some of the craziness of moving was winding down we found out that my husband's cousin was adopting a baby girl which seemed like the perfect reason to try out my new sewing room.
Pretty pink baby quilt
As you can see, the scenery is a little different than our house in San Diego. Taking photos is a little colder!
Pretty Pink Baby Quilt
I kept it simple with some soft pinks and low volumes fabrics.  The backing is a wonderfully soft Cotton + Steel double gauze with cute little cats on it.  To help the quilt feel nice and draped, I used Quilter's Dream Orient batting.
pink baby girl quilt
Finished size: 36" x 42"
Batting: Quilter's Dream Orient


  1. So soft and beautiful! Love this quilt and the fabrics you used front and back!

  2. Beautiful little quilt and the backing is adorable.

  3. Erica, this is sweet. I love it bunches!!!
    Pink. I might be making a baby quilt very soon, not sure the colors yet,
    I just adore the design, well done

  4. Pretty quilt. Nice to see you back.

  5. How beautiful! She is going to love it!

  6. Are those single wedding ring blocks? It's so subtle with all the low volumes and the variety of pinks! I like it! I'd love to hear more about quilting with double gauze, too! Doesn't it squoosh around when you straight-line quilt it?


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