Culcita Box Unboxing - March Edition

March's Culcita Box showed up in the mail a few days ago.  
Culcita Box Unboxing - March
I'm not going to say I like cookies as much as fabric, but I do really like cookies.
Culcita Box Unboxing - March
This month's box included a pattern for the first time.
Culcita Box Unboxing - March
And of course it included fabric.  These are from Art Gallery Fabric's Take Shape collection. 
Culcita Box Unboxing - March
This collection is really pretty and very modern.  I am excited but also a little bit terrified of sewing with it, I don't think I'm hip enough!
Culcita Box Unboxing - March
But I am always up for a challenge so a quilt is going to happen.  

If you are interested in signing up for the monthly subscription service, Culcita offers really flexible options with different cuts of fabric and frequency of delivery. Check out my previous posts to see what they have sent so far this year.  


  1. I am so slow to use fabric, so those boxes would just pile up...loved, but not used quickly. I love this one,especially, because of the black and whites. I collect fabric with that combination. I don't like any other color on it when I put it into my collection, but I do like the fabrics you received. I can't wait to see what you make with them! When I look at the fabrics you received, I want to sing the Sesame Street song: One {actually two} of these things don't belong with the others ♪ ♪ ♪ ... They are the bright greenish-yellow and the peach-y and white in the front. It's kind of odd that they included those two with the other black, white, and blue fabrics...not that I don't like them, too. The others go together, but those two: not so much. Hmmm... Enjoy!

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  2. This fabric is just gorgeous.
    I especially like the pink and blue. I do not know if I would use those black patterned fabrics. I know many people love that, but I like the pink and the blues.
    I agree with Rush. I have so much fabric, and I shop for it constantly.
    I am trying the Fabric Diet. It is very difficult.
    Have fun with that pattern, Erica!!

  3. I think modern fabrics always look good in triangles if you're really stuck thinking what're do with them (not HSTs)

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