The Linda Quilt - A New Pattern

I am excited to finally introduce The Linda Quilt pattern to you today!  It is available on Craftsy and Etsy.
Linda title image
When I started this pattern, I decided that I wanted to try to include as many options as I could into the pattern, so the pattern actually includes instructions for 5 different sizes and versions.  Three of them are on point (like the one above) and 2 are horizontally pieced.  This decision was accompanied by a lot of stress and tears on my part as trying to fit all of that into the pattern without making it 100 pages long turned out to be a little challenging, but none of my pattern testers sent me hate mail so I think I figured it out ;)

This pattern is a variation on the mini quilt that I made for the Kona Color of the Year exhibit. I would have loved to make the pattern exactly like the mini, but it would have involved a lot of tedious piecing and you would have hated me.  Hopefully this has the same feel without all of the tiny pieces.  You can see the on point baby version of the quilt that I made previously here.

The pattern is not difficult and it involves some strip piecing so it comes together without too many little pieces.  I would say it is good for an experienced beginner who wants to try something new, but also fun for more experienced quilters.  I did put together a few links to tutorials that might be helpful for beginners and you can find those down at the end of this post.

I am going to introduce each of the sizes with the quilts made by my wonderful pattern testers.  Since this is going to be a long post, I will save my gushing about how thrilling it was to see each of these completed quilts but my pattern testers were wonderful and amazing and fantastic and I am extremely grateful for all of their help.

Baby quilt - on point
Finished size: 45" x 45"
Quiltmaker/pattern tester: Camille
Camille's Linda Quilt

Baby quilt - horizontal
Finished size: 48" x 48"
Quiltmaker/pattern tester: Sally
Sally's Linda Quilt
Lap quilt - on point
Finished size: 68" x 68"
Quiltmaker/pattern tester: Carol
Carol's Linda Quilt
Lap quilt - horizontal
Finished size: 80" x 80"
Quiltmaker/pattern tester: Alison
Alison's Linda Quilt
Twin Quilt
Finished size: 68" x 81"
Quiltmaker/pattern tester: Miranda
Miranda's Linda Quilt

If you are looking for a little extra guidance with some of the techniques used in the pattern, check out the links below.
Trimming a quilt
Strip piecing
Lining up seams throughout the quilt

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  1. Your new pattern is lovely and fun. I always enjoy seeing the tester versions too.

  2. I tested the on point lap quilt and it was fun to make! It looks complicated but is actually only two blocks and quite simple to make. A lot of stripping! Carol

  3. Oh wow, these are all gorgeous! I especially love the on-point versions.

  4. Love the plaid look! Very nice to have all the size options.

  5. Beautiful! You really captured the plaid feel in the pattern. So many colors and versions.

  6. It's just beautiful! I esp. love it on point. Well done! This pattern is definitely going on my wish list!


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