The Tabby Road Betty Baby Quilt

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The April Culcita Box fabrics were so much fun to sew with. I struggled a little with what I wanted to make with them and ended up making two different quilts (I am hand quilting the second one, it won't be done for a bit).  But I do have the first one to share with you today.
The Tabby Road Betty Baby Quilt
Forgive the upside down quilt. I wanted a pattern that would show off the fabrics and not cut them to tiny pieces.  I also really wanted to make a baby quilt with them because they are so bright and happy.  

The Tabby Road Betty Baby Quilt

In order to make the Betty Quilt pattern FQ friendly, I made my blocks slightly smaller.  It worked out perfectly and just made the quilt slightly smaller.
The Tabby Road Betty Baby Quilt
Since the collection is so colorful, I knew that I didn't want to use white or gray as the background color.  I took a small risk and with Kona Ice Frappe.  It's not crazy colorful, but I like how it works with the fabrics in the collection.
Once the quilt was quilted and ready to be bound, I ditched my plan to use dark gray as the binding and took another risk.  This is Kona Chartreuse.
DSC_The Tabby Road Betty Baby Quilt0741-Edit
There were a couple prints in my stash that probably would have worked for the backing, but I didn't think they did Tabby Road justice so I picked up this Disco Kitty print from Lark Cottons. If you have never ordered from this shop, the owner (Heather) cuts the fabrics nicely on-grain with a pinked edge. I always appreciate the care she puts into my orders.

The Tabby Road Betty Baby QuiltFinished size: 35" x 42"
Pattern: The Betty Quilt
Fabric: Tabby Road by Tula Pink
Backing: Disco Kitty
Batting: Quilter's Dream Cotton Select

Culcita Box Quilts

Tabby Road Betty Baby Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting Tabby Road Betty Baby Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting


  1. Gorgeous! I love those fabrics!

  2. So adorable! I bought some of those fabrics to make my daughter a dress but I think it might be a little too crazy. But I love it in a quilt. (And I'm going to have to buy your pattern just to give you a better review!)

  3. I've had my eye on those fabrics for a few weeks. The Tabby Road fabrics are so bright and cheerful. You've made them into quite the adorable quilt.

  4. I love this quilt! Great colors.

  5. How much smaller did you make your pieces to use with fat quarters?


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