The Fussy Cut Sampler QAL Blocks 4-8

I apologize that things have been a little slow on the blog.  I have been sewing and I have a couple of quilts to share in the next couple weeks after a marathon of binding and Netflix over the past few days.

In the meantime, I did finish a few more blocks in the Fussy Cut Sampler Quilt A Long.  This has made a complete disaster of my sewing room, but it has been fun to dig through my stash and use fabrics that have been collecting dust.
I felt like I had played a little too safe with the colors in the first batch of blocks, so I tried to liven things up a little bit.  
The Fussy Cut Sampler Block 6
The block above is my favorite so far.  I think I might try making more of them for a quilt sometime in the future.
I originally didn't fussy cut the little circles in the little square in this block but I had to go back and fix it when I noticed.
The Fussy Cut Sampler Block 8
I didn't want to be limited by a particular color scheme so things are a little all over the place.  

I am looking forward to making the next batch of blocks this weekend.  You can still join in on the QAL which is taking place on Instagram. 


  1. Loving your block designs and great colour useage :)

  2. Love that orange plaid block.

    1. Thanks! That orange plaid is probably my favorite fabric every - I think I have ordered it half a dozen times and I just keep finding ways to use it.


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