Fussy Cut Sampler QAL - Blocks 37-40

This chapter in the Fussy Cut Sampler is titled "Remixed Blocks." It combines the methods in the book that have been used so far.
The Fussy Cut Sampler Block # 37
Block 37. I didn't really follow the directions for this block; it is supposed to create a block without a clear up or down, but I decided to use this fabric instead. 
The Fussy Cut Sampler Block # 38
Block 38. I love those cats.
The Fussy Cut Sampler Block # 39
Block 39. 
The Fussy Cut Sampler Block # 40
Block 40. This block imitates stripes.  Elisabeth's block in the book uses this same Cotton + Steel print, though she used orange and I used purple, but I liked the way it looked so I used it too.  When I got to this block I was very glad I hadn't already used up these bunnies!

Check out everyone else's Chapter 10 blocks on Instagram with hashtag #thefussycutsamplerqal.


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