December Culcita Box Unboxing - Wild Side by Libs Elliott

I hope you all had a very Happy Holidays! December has flown by but I wanted to make sure to share this post before 2018 begins.

This month's Culcita Box contained Wild Side by Libs Elliott.
December Culcita Box Unboxing
This collection packs a lot of punch. Some of the prints are bright and colorful and some are pastel and subdued.  
December Culcita Box Unboxing
I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with this fabric . . . but in a good way. It is inspiring but also a little intimidating. 
December Culcita Box Unboxing
December Culcita Box Unboxing
My favorite print in the collection is definitely these blue skulls. 
December Culcita Box Unboxing
If you would like to pick up this month's box, or subscribe to a monthly Culcita box delivery, check out the options on their website.  
November Quilt (coming soon!)


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