March Giant Block Tutorial

It's that time again. The month I have a simple, super beginner-friendly block that can be used to make fun, quick quilts.


Just like the January and February blocks, there is a free tutorial in my shop to make a 24" or 36" version of the block. There is also a suggestion below on how to each block in a quilt.
24" Block Quilt Idea

Following these instructions will give you a 68" x 68" quilt.

March Giant Block Quilt

How fun is this?  To make this quilt you will need:
(5) 24" Quilt Blocks
(4) Partial Blocks (see below)
(2) 18" squares for the corner triangles

Cut the triangles once on the diagonal. Each square gives you (2) triangles.

You can make (9) full blocks if you are unsure how this works, but if you want to save a little time and fabric, you can make partial blocks for the (4) blocks that are cutoff on the edge of the quilt. To make the partial blocks, you just need the pieces in the image below.
March Partial Block

March Giant Block Quilt

36" Block Quilt Idea
If you are looking for something a little faster and easier, this is a quick way to make a generously sized 72" x 72" lap quilt.

March Giant Block Quilt
All you need to do to make this quilt is to make (4) 36" blocks. 

I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial! If you make a block or a quilt using these instructions, I would love to see a photo! You can use the hashtag #GiantBlockTutorialSeries on Instagram or send me a photo or a link to your project. I will be pinning all of the projects to the Giant Block Tutorial Series Pinterest Board


You can download a printable PDF of all of the Giant Block Tutorials (for free) in my shop.   


  1. Thanks! This looks like fun.

  2. Terrific block! Great to have partial block instructions too 👍🏻👍🏻

    1. It definitely goes a little faster if you don't have to make the full blocks (that you are going to trim off anyway)!

  3. Such a great series! Thanks for all the creativity you put into these :)

    1. Thanks, I am really enjoying putting them together!

  4. I’m always on the lookout for these big block quilt patterns because they are nice to make for boys for charity quilts. This pattern is great, thanks.

  5. I love the layout for the 36 inch block quilt! I need to make a quick gift and this is perfect. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Hi Erica
    I am the BOM chair for our very small quilt group…..25 members. May I have your permission to use the free tutuorials from the Big Block series for our BOM. They are great patterns and because of their sizes would give the members lots of options for putting their own stamp on the project.

    Thanks in advance


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