Using Your Giant Blocks

Giant Block Mix and Match
I have been looking forward to writing this post since I decided that I wanted to do the Giant Block Tutorial Series.  The blocks are fast, fun, and mostly pretty easy, but how do they look together? These blocks use the January - June blocks and I will make another post at the end of the year using all of the blocks.

These are just a few suggestions to use as inspiration - mix and match as much as you want!

Quilt Idea #1 -
(4) February Blocks
(4) June Blocks
Giant Block Mix and Match

Quilt Idea #2 -
(4) January Blocks
(1) May Block
(4) Half May Blocks
(4) Quarter May Blocks
(For more info on making partial blocks, check out the March tutorial)
Giant Block Mix and Match

Quilt Idea #3
Giant Block Mix and Match

You can find download all of these tutorials (and check out my patterns) in my shop. The July Tutorial will be available on Monday and I will be posting the quilt that I made with the June Tutorial later this week.

Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm about this project, I am glad you are loving it as much as I am!

Giant Block Tutorial Series - Combining the Blocks

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