Simple Geometric Quilting - A Book Review

One of my favorite things about blogs and Instagram and Pinterest and all of the platforms where we can find inspiration, is finding quilters that I really admire whose style is completely different than mine. Laura Preston, who recently released a book called Simple Geometric Quilting, is one of those quilters.

Simple Geometric Quilting - Book Review

Her goal when writing this book was to encompass the entire quilting process starting with design. Most books start at fabric selection or cutting fabric and hearing the design behind Laura's work was so interesting and useful - especially when paired with the photos of the quilts that are taken in the landscapes that inspired them.

Simple Geometric Quilting - Book Review

The progression of the book is perfect for beginning quilters. While it contains the usual information about supplies and getting started, the patterns in the book start with simple shapes (squares/rectangles) and progress through trickier projects throughout.

Simple Geometric Quilting - Book Review

Overall, it is a really beautiful book and fulfills my number one quilting book requirement: it is inspiring. I really value having books around that are more than just a collection of patterns and Simple Geometric Quilting is full of inspirational photos and insights.

This book was provided to me by the publisher and I have done my very best job to give a thorough, honest, and thoughtful review. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. 

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