The Tessa Quilt Quarantine-A-Long - Fabric Requirements

First, I should announce that I am doing a Tessa Quilt-A-Long (or in this case, a Quarantine-A-Long, both known as a QAL) and it is NOT starting right now so don't panic. This post will include info on when it is starting and a tentative schedule of weekly posts.
The Tessa Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting
Since many shops are processing fabric shipments a little more slowly right now, I wanted to go ahead and announce the QAL and post the fabric requirements. This will give you plenty of time to get your fabric ordered so that you can start QAL-ing on time. I will have another post with more specific information about picking fabric placement, colors, etc. during the first week of the QAL.

Note - You can use fat quarters instead of 1/4 yard cuts, but none of the sizes are completely fat quarter friendly.

The Tessa Quilt Pattern Fabric Requirements - Kitchen Table Quilting

Tentative Tessa QAL Schedule

Week 1 - May 18-22 - Fabric Selection
Week 2 - May 25-29 - Cutting, Strip Piecing, More Cutting
Week 3 - June 1-5 - Piecing Week 1
Week 4 - June 8-12 - Piecing Week 2
Week 5 - Quilting and Trimming


You can make your quilt in baby, lap, or twin sizes, but my instructions will refer to the lap size quilt. You do not need to purchase the pattern to have access to the tips that are given in the blog posts, but you do need to purchase the pattern if you would like to make the quilt.

This will be a no-frills QAL - that means that I am not going to do prizes. You will not have to follow anyone on Instagram or subscribe to an email list to participate. I want the focus to be on community and on sharing information about the pattern, not on prizes. Later in the QAL I will be posting information for a few wonderful long arm quilters who will be offering a discount to anyone who participates. 

The Tessa Quilt in Solids - Kitchen Table Quilting

Skill Level

This quilt is not difficult, but it is a little non-traditional so it might be tricky for first time quilters. It is a great, fun project for quilters who have made a couple of quilting projects and want to try something unique. 

Picking Fabrics

This pattern works with anything from solids to large scale prints. I will be giving you some tips during Week 1 about placement of the larger scale prints that will help make your quilt successful. It is best not to use ALL large scale prints because there are some places where they don't work as well. 

It is good to have a mix of different colors or values to help make the woven effect more obvious. Picking a Fabric O (that is the white solid in each of my prints) that stands out from your fabrics is very important. You don't have to use a white solid but that is obviously my preference :) 


What does it mean to participate in this QAL? Well, hopefully you will make the quilt. In addition, I would love to see your quilts on Instagram using the hashtag #TheTessaQAL. If you do not use Instagram, I highly recommend that you sign up - it is a great way to interact with other quilters. I will also be sharing your quilt photos in my stories during the QAL.

Additionally, I will be doing a weekly video meeting where you can ask questions and share what you are working on. I am not sure which platform I will be using - I will share more info about this later. 

Murmur Quilt - The Tessa Quilt Pattern by Kitchen Table Quilting

Pattern Discount

Will the pattern be on sale? Of course! From now until the beginning of the QAL, you can get The Tessa Quilt Pattern for 20% off using code QAL. This will work for either the paper or PDF pattern. If you plan on purchasing the paper pattern, make sure to give the pattern plenty of time to ship to you.


This quilt can be made with basic supplies, it doesn't require anything fancy. Rotary cutter, cutting mat, ruler, sewing machine, 1/4" foot, pins, and an iron. If you don't already have them, I would recommend a large square ruler and a long ruler for the trimming stage. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments here and I will do my best to respond.


  1. Darn! I just ordered the Tessa Quilt Pattern so I could participate in the QAL, and forgot to enter the 20% off code! :( Blonde moment...

    1. Send me an email and I will give you the discount! You should just be able to reply to your confirmation email.

  2. I wasn’t aware of your QAG, but am confused to the cutting directions. Are the different prints 8.5 or 6.5?. I am doing the lap size. I cut the fabrics according to the table under lap size, but my fabrics seem bigger than what it looks like on the finished quilt. I don’t understand the strip pricing at all for the white sashing. Please help

  3. Do we need to sign up for the Tessa QAL? I have admired this quilt and am looking forward to making it.

  4. Hi Erica, can you please confirm the correct IG address for the 2020 Tessa QAL; I have seen two now. #thetessaqal and #tessaqal. Thanks, and keep well.


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