The Tessa QAL - Basic Info

Welcome to week one of the Tessa QAL!

This QAL will be very informal - you do not have to do anything to join other than purchase the pattern. There will be opportunities for interaction, but you can do whatever works for you. The details below outline how information will be shared and where there will be opportunities for interaction.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a post discussing fabric selection and placement in your quilt.
Tessa QAL - Kitchen Table Quilting

Participation and Interaction in the QAL

I know that we all have a preferred method of interacting - Instagram is mine - so I am trying to give opportunities for interaction along multiple platforms. If you do not have an Instagram account, I would encourage you to make one even if it is just for this QAL. I will post all of the information you need on the blog, but it is much easier to interact with each other on Instagram. Here are a few ways to interact:
  • Follow the #tessaqal hashtag on Instagram 
  • Comment on others' posts - this is a good way to encourage each other!
  • Post a photo introducing yourself 
  • Post a photo showing your fabric selection for the QAL

On the blog

Each week there will be at least one blog post with information about making the Tessa Quilt Pattern. The schedule will to tentatively as follows:

Week 1 (May 18-22) - Fabric Selection
Week 2 (May 25-29) - Cutting, Strip Piecing, More Cutting
Week 3 (June 1-5) - Piecing Week 1
Week 4 (June 8-12) - Piecing Week 2
Week 5 (June 15-19) - Quilting and Trimming

If you are only participating in the QAL through the blog posts, you can share your progress, thoughts, and links to your own posts about the QAL in the post comments.

On Instagram

I know not everyone uses Instagram, but if you do, I will be posting videos in my stories and posting progress photos in my feed throughout the QAL.

A great way to interact with others is by using the hashtag #tessaqal. Follow this hashtag and add it to your captions when you add photos to Instagram (we will not be able to see your photos if your account is private). I will be following along and can't wait to start seeing photos pop up!

Group Chat

I will be doing a weekly video chat where we can all share what we are making and you can ask questions. My current plan is to do this through "Facebook Rooms." You do not need to have a facebook account to participate in this chat. This week's group chat will be on Thursday at 1pm PST. Click here to join the chat (this link will not work until Thursday at 1pm) - I will also share this link on Instagram to remind you. 

I realize there is not a specific time that will work for everyone, so I will try to vary the group chat time week to week to accommodate as many people as possible.

The Tessa Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., please let me know in the comments! I want to try to make this QAL as fun and as useful as possible.

While I did decide not to incorporate prizes with the QAL, I do have a few wonderful long arm quilters who will be offering discounts to participants (in both the US and Canada) and I will share their information later in the QAL!


  1. I purchased the pattern a few months ago. Can I still participate? Thanks

  2. I purchased the pattern as soon as I read about the QAL, but was so excited I totally spaced out entering the coupon code, so I didn't get it at the discount... LOL... some days I'm so out of it!

    1. Oops! If you send me an email with your order number, I will refund you the 20%!

  3. I see on the pattern that fat quarters will work for the 1/4 yard pieces. Would 2 fat quarters of the same fabric work for the 1/2 yards?


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