Hazel Pattern Testers' Quilts

I finally get to share my pattern testers' quilts with you! Seeing patterns come to life is my favorite part about writing patterns, that is especially true when it comes to quilts from pattern testers because I've gotten to know these wonderful women. Check out all of the beautiful Hazel Quilts they made!

The Hazel Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

It always amazes me how different a quilt can look based on fabric choices and there is a really fun range of choices here. 

Jeanine's Quilt @milesoffabric

Jeanine's Hazel Quilt

Sandie's Quilt @crazyboutquilts

Sandie's Hazel Quilt

Ashlee's Quilt @crinklyquilts

Ashlee's Hazel Quilt

Erin's Quilt @houseonhillroad

Erin's Hazel Quilt

Barbara's Quilt @thequiltedb

Barbara's Hazel Quilt

Patti's Quilt @pattimakesquilts

Patty's Hazel Quilt

Aren't they great? I love writing patterns, but my perspective can only see so much. Every single pattern I have written has been made better by suggestions from pattern testers and this one is no exception - I am so grateful to them!

If you would like to make your own version of the Hazel quilt, head over the shop to pick up a copy!


  1. It really is fun seeing multiple interpretations of a design. I LOVE all of these versions of your lovely design. You all are talented ladies!


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